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What is gobyRIDE?

gobyRIDE is a true carpooling app that rewards drivers and passengers for choosing to post, book and take a trip through the app. gobyRIDE is an all-inclusive and open system where users create an account to find drivers or passengers going their way. Registered users in our gobyRIDE community can easily post and search for trips.

gobyRIDE drivers and passengers are rewarded for their participation, actions and sharing. Whether it’s posting a trip request, completing a trip, rating drivers or social medial sharing, the gobyRIDE platform delivers truly rewarding carpooling.

The gobyRIDE app runs on the powerful RideShark social enterprise platform serving over 70 million users globally looking for active and sustainable ways to commute for work, school or pleasure!

Why is gobyRIDE different?

gobyRIDE is not like Uber, as all trips consists of rides that are being shared, with costs shared. Drivers are not hired by gobyRIDE and drivers don’t make a profit. They are only sharing the cost of their trip and inviting people to join a planned trip.

gobyRIDE takes away the confusion of trying to find matches on Kijiji or Facebook group postings. gobyRIDE’s sophisticated matching algorithm automatically searches for compatible matches based on distance from origin, destination and travel route!

All communications are in-app so your privacy is protected. Driver and passenger ratings, including a trip cancellation rating, helps you decide who you’d like to carpool with.

Finally, and most importantly, gobyRIDE is backed by RideShark, a powerful enterprise platform that is currently serving over 70 million users through our enterprise customers. This proves that the gobyRIDE platform works, is secure and is global

Use it on your campus or wherever you travel in the world!