Frequently Asked Questions

What is gobyRIDE?

gobyRIDE is a true carpooling app that rewards drivers and passengers for choosing to post, book and take a trip through the app. gobyRIDE is an all-inclusive and open system where users create an account to find drivers or passengers going their way. Registered users in our gobyRIDE community can easily post and search for trips.

The gobyRIDE app runs on the powerful RideShark social enterprise platform serving over 50 million users globally looking for active and sustainable ways to commute for work, school or pleasure!

Why is gobyRIDE different?

gobyRIDE is not ridehailing like Uber or Lyft. All trips consists of rides that are being shared, with costs shared. Drivers are not hired by gobyRIDE and drivers don’t make a profit. They are only sharing the cost of their trip and inviting people to join a planned trip. A driver cannot charge more than the prevailing published Federal Government mileage rates for vehicles.

gobyRIDE takes away the confusion of trying to find matches on Kijiji or Facebook group postings. gobyRIDE’s sophisticated matching algorithm automatically searches for compatible matches based on distance from origin, destination and travel route!

All communications are in-app so your privacy is protected. Driver and passenger ratings, including a trip cancellation rating, helps you decide who you’d like to carpool with.

Finally, and most importantly, gobyRIDE is backed by RideShark, a powerful enterprise platform that is currently serving over 50 million users through our enterprise customers. This proves that the gobyRIDE platform works, is secure and is global

Use it on your campus or wherever you travel in the world!

Is it free to join gobyRIDE?

Yes it is! Signing up for gobyRIDE is free.

The gobyRIDE transaction fee for in-app payments is simply 15% to cover credit card fees and administration. This 15% will automatically be charged upon trip completion when in-app payments are being used. The driver will receive their desired per seat payment, the passengers are the ones who pay the transaction fee. A minimum of $0.50 transaction fee is charged.

What is Carpooling vs. Ride Hailing?

gobyRIDE is a true carpooling community where the system matches people based on proximity to origin, destination and travel route, on a trip that will be taken by the driver regardless of whether or not there are passengers. gobyRIDE is all about carpooling and sharing the costs of that ride. With gobyRIDE costs are shared and the driver makes no profit. Uber and Lyft are online taxi hailing companies, where the driver is driving as a for-profit business.

gobyRIDE uses no contracted drivers: gobyRIDE drivers are people like yourself making a trip. gobyRIDE does not hire drivers as employees or contractors.

Why should commuters use gobyRIDE for carpooling?

gobyRIDE is intuitive, easy to use and is available globally. Its sophisticated matching and instant results eliminate the need for facebook or kijiji scrolling. Your post and trip request will always come up in relevant searches.

It’s integrated rating scores helps to ensure you’ll have a reliable ride. gobyRIDE runs on the powerful and world-leading RideShark commuter management enterprise platform. This means we’re constantly innovating and the gobyRIDE platform will continue to evolve and expand to meet evolving needs.

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What about insurance for carpooling?

Since the launch of the first car, people have been carpooling. Every time you drive your neighbor to work, or take a group to a hockey game, you are carpooling. Your regular car insurance covers passengers in your vehicle.

The key point is that with carpooling you are not making a profit. Any contribution a passenger makes to share the cost of the trip can only cover the actual trip costs. gobyRIDE uses CRA mileage rates (currently at $0.58/km) to establish the maximum amount a driver can be paid for a trip.

Accident and liability coverage are mandatory for all vehicle owners in Canada. As a driver of a carpool you should contact your insurance broker to review your coverage and inform them that you may be carpooling. Be clear that you are NOT going to be a ridehailing driver for Uber or Lyft. You are simply carpooling with a friend, neighbor or coworker to work, an event or for pleasure.

You do NOT need a commercial driver’s license for regular carpooling.

Below are links to the articles in the law related to carpooling for each Canadian Province.

How do I sign up as a Driver or a Passenger?

Signing up with gobyRIDE is easy. Simply download the gobyRIDE app and create an account as a new user.

How do I Register?

Follow these simple steps to register with gobyRIDE on your mobile device :

Download the gobyRide app

  1. Click on Register
  2. Sign Up with Facebook or email. Select your desired way to register:
    • Sign up by logging in with Facebook
    • Sign up with your email
  3. Enter your Contact Details. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement.
  4. Create a password
  5. Add a Mobile Number to recieve SMS notifications
  6. Verify your Mobile Number with the 4 digit code that was sent to your device
  7. Upload a photo so you can be recognized by your driver or passengers. Complete the About You Section

You're done!

If you’re a driver, submit a Driver Post for your trip for passengers to join or Search for Passengers.

If you’re a Passenger, Post a Ride request for drivers to find, or Search for Drivers.

Can I sign up without a mobile phone?

Yes, you can use the gobyRIDE desktop version at However the desktop version doesn’t allow for LiveMap functionality for you to locate your drivers and passengers, so we recommend connecting to your mobile phone.

Can I sign up without a cell phone number?

Yes you can, but we highly recommend that you link your mobile number to your account so you can be contacted by people looking to carpool. All communications are in-app so your privacy is protected, however the in-app system needs to send you notifications about match requests and the best way to reach you is usually via your mobile device.

Is my personal data safe and private?

It most certainly is!

We take the privacy of our members very seriously. Implementing only the latest and most reliable technologies available, gobyRIDE ensures that your data is safely protected.

I am a driver. How do I create a Driver Trip Post?

Users can access the Driver Trip Post easily:

  1. On the Dashboard click Post a Trip
  2. Click Create on the Driver Post option
  3. Fill out the details of your trip
  4. Click Post my Trip
I am a Passenger. How do I post a Ride Request?

Users can access the Passenger Trip Request easily:

  1. On the Dashboard click Post a Trip
  2. Click Create on the Ride Request option
  3. Fill out the details of your trip
  4. Click Request a Ride